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I am so pleased that you’re here! Please take a peek around the site and get to know my style of photography. Should you want to know a bit more about the lady on the other side of the camera, here’s a little bit about me, Sara Griffin…

She’s first a Daughter of the King and loves Jesus.  Second, she’s a wife to her man, Ryan.  Third, she’s “Mom” to Caleb, Logan, and Toben.  Yep, she’s surrounded by boys.  If you were to ask her, she’s a Mom first and a Photographer second… Faith and family are her top priorities.

She used to be a Chemistry teacher.  She also used to be a dancer.  She graduated from Texas A&M, but is willing to photograph the occasional longhorn for an additional fee (just kidding).  She loves cheesecake, coffee, freckles on kids’ faces, scarves, getting completely hooked on a good book, and a job well done.

Regarding photography, Sara has been known to have a camera with her a majority of the time, dating back to high school days.  Her love affair and quest for knowledge of photography bubbled to the surface shortly after the birth of her oldest son, Caleb, in 2006.  Her first dSLR camera was given to her in 2007, and after the continuous encouragement and support of loved ones, Sara Griffin Photography was begun in November 2009.

Sara utilizes natural light in her photography, and makes the most of on-location surroundings.  She loves when a session “comes together” in an area where the client feels comfortable and where they can let their guards down and have fun. She strives to capture her subjects as they are right then — to ‘freeze the moment’ in time for years to come.

That’s what this is all about to Sara — that others will have treasured memories recorded for possibly generations of a special time in life.  Whether that special time is the celebration of the birth of a newborn, a child’s toothless smile, a graduating senior, an engaged couple, a 50th birthday — memories sometimes fade in our minds, but photographs help us to remember those precious moments forever.

{Photos of Sara and her family by Rob Milton}

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