What to Wear

Aside from “When are you available?” this is the question I am asked the most! And with good reason… most people have noticed that the days of everyone wearing jeans and white shirts are long gone, with families/couples/seniors opting for COLOR instead! {Hooray!}

Here are a few tips that I’d like to share in choosing a wardrobe for your photo session. My apologies in advance as I am writing specifically to the ladies, because let’s be honest…they’re the ones usually picking out clothing for the session! Here goes:

1. Wear what is comfortable for you! If you are uncomfortable in your clothing choices (or if hubby is uncomfortable, ahem…) it WILL reflect on your faces! Are you usually a ‘jeans and t-shirt’ gal? Go for jeans and a nice knit shirt or tank top, layered with a simple cardigan or blazer and maybe a scarf or long necklace to dress it up and add interest! Do you love to wear dresses and skirts? Rock it out, sister! Show off your legs with a great pair of heels if you’re used to wearing them — but please avoid those stilettos if you know your feet will kill you for it! Or, be like JoDee in the photo below and wear a combination of jeans, tank, blazer, and awesome heels in a neutral shade to balance out the color.

2. Don’t be afraid of COLOR! A tip I’ve enjoyed sharing with clients is to take a look around your home, noting the colors that you use in your decorating. Unless you’re due for a major update in home decor, you can put your own personal color palette to good use. For example, in my home there is a great deal of blues, greens, and yellows, with neutral tones throughout. For my family photos, we wore those shades. I now have a canvas on the wall in my living room that looks like it’s always belonged there!

Now, while I am encouraging you to use color in your wardrobe, I will also suggest to use more than just one or two colors in your wardrobe palette. Gone are the days of monochromatic wardrobes. Spice it up!

3. Prints or Solids? — The short answer is a little of both, with an emphasis on solids. If you are able, choose one (or two, if you have a larger family) person to wear a print of some type, and build everyone else’s clothing around that. The print can be stripes, plaid, or some other type — but I would beware of large and overwhelming prints unless that is your style all of the time.

4. Layer, layer, layer! Ladies, this is especially important for you. Layers are universally flattering on all women, and they add interest and depth. Layers can include a shirt, cardigan or blazer, necklaces and accessories, scarves — anything that is more than just a shirt or just a dress. {Also, please consider wearing long sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves if weather will allow.}

5. Search for online inspiration! I love using Pinterest as a way of finding wardrobe ideas. Just type in a search for “photo session wardrobe ideas” and you will see a host of ‘pins’ with great tips, styles, color combinations, and more! If you have a favorite clothing store, such as Gap, Anthropologie, Loft, Banana Republic, Old Navy, or something else, do a search on their website for ways that they’ve styled their newest lines. Sometimes just window shopping at the mall will give you ideas! {A great excuse to go to the mall!}

Chances are, you already have the perfect wardrobe in your own closet. {All the men just said Amen! See, I’m here for you too.} Start there first, always! If you find you may need a new accessory, then go for it! That will usually be much less expensive than an entire new outfit anyway.

If you have questions or concerns that need a bit more personal help, I am happy to give feedback prior to your session if you’d like. I can certainly help you with what colors translate well on camera! Sometimes all it takes is talking with someone else to provide a catalyst for a great wardrobe choice from your own closet!

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